I enjoy the mundane, habitual and borderline ritualistic underpinnings of our culture. I am interested in our struggle for independence and control within the greater limitations of prescribed social constraints. Through investigating our perceived individuality, I am also exploring concepts of consumerism, polarized culture and social class systems.

I work primarily in photography and video as a mode to encourage consideration into urban and suburban social norms. I see contemporary photography and video as a method of archiving and organizing segments of life. I use categorization, repetition and the realism of these mediums to extract, or recreate moments of time that emphasize the peculiarity of trivial collective habits. I use humour and satire to make my work accessible to a wider audience in an attempt to create a space for social inquiry and critique for the relatively unconsidered patterns of society.


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Libby previously studied International Development Studies and Gender at the University of Guelph. She coordinates community art spaces and has worked on city-wide policy projects that support community inclusion. She has an Honors in Visual Arts from the University of Victoria, focusing in photography and installation art. She currently lives and works out of Victoria, BC. 


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